My Letter To The Electric Utility

This represents the bulk of my letter to the CEO/President of our local electric utility company.

Utility companies transisitioning to smart meters are not giving the public the facts about the risks and uses of this technology. They cite FCC guidelines regarding the safety of RF transmissions from these meters. These guidelines were adopted in 1996 before the widespread proliferation of wireless devices. Furthermore in an EPA letter dated July 16, 2002 it states that the safety data is “thermally based, and do not apply to chronic, nonthermal exposure situations….. The FCC’s exposure guideline is considered protective of effects arising from a thermal mechanism but not from all possible mechanisms. Therefore, the generalization by many that the guidelines protect human beings from harm by any and all mechanisms is not justified…..The exposure guidelines did not consider information that addresses nonthermal, prolonged exposures…..Since EPA’s comments were submitted to the FCC in 1993, the number of studies reporting affects associated with both acute and chronic low-level exposure to RF radiation has increased…..Federal health and safety agencies have not yet developed policies concerning possible risk from long-term non-thermal exposures.” The Consumer Affairs Commission (1999) found current thermal guidelines associated with EMR (electromagnetic radiation) irrelevant, since cancer and alzheimer’s are associated with non-thermal EMR effects. There is a vast amount of evidence linking non-thermal RF radiation at very low levels with serious adverse health effects.

Many things the government once declared to be safe are now outlawed or labeled dangerous for human use. We have a myriad of substances in our food, water, and health products today that have been proven to be harmful by independent studies. Up to 100,000 Americans die every year from prescription drugs the FDA says are safe, and a great number of these cases involve the proper use of these drugs. For utility companies to declare smart meters safe for all customers from the FCC’s guidelines alone is absolute irresponsibility.

A growing body of evidence casts serious doubt about the safety of radio frequency wireless technology, especially in the higher bandwidths. The evidence has convinced some schools in Canada that once employed WIFI to shut it down in favor of hard wired communication. Many studies have shown that the prolonged use of cell phones carries significant health risk, especially for children. Many smart meters will be installed in homes on walls outside of bedrooms where young children could be exposed just a few feet away for many hours a day. Studies in Europe have concluded that 3-5% of the population is hypersensitive to RF radiation. Canadian studies have shown similar results. If even a small part of this group is seriously harmed by smart meter technology it represents a lot of people in America. In this land where minority rights are so protected why is this group being treated like unwanted dirt? Are there no moral and ethical standards left in corporate America?

Besides the health issue there are a number of other reasons smart meters are a dumb idea for consumers. They can be hacked liked any device that uses electronic chips. Identity theft is possible. They make the entire power grid much more vulnerable to enemy EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack or from severe solar activity. There has been interference to various household devices. Some older homes have reported fires started by these devices. They can remotely shut off a customers power. A certain percentage of these meters are inaccurate resulting in electric bills as much as 6 times normal. And even without the coming smart appliances smart meters can monitor what type of appliance a customer is using at any given time by the electrical signature and how often it is used.

When one connects all the dots together it is easy to see the ulterior motives of this program. It is the crack in the door to allow the eventual 24 hour surveilance inside every home in America and control of customers electrical usage by the federal government in cooperation with electric utilities, just as every phone call and email is now monitored. Smart grid technology was heavily financed by the federal government and involves the Department of Defense and Homeland Security. Smart grid appliances are already being mandated for manufacturers to produce. Connecticut Light and Power wants smart meters for billing customers power by the hour or in 4 hour blocks. RFID chips are gradually replacing bar codes and the plan is to have them in every product, including medication. RFID readers will be deployed in public places in time. When RFID readers are also mandated in homes it will complete the fullfillment of George Orwell’s society of total surveilance. All this is now technologically possible.

I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity in which many chemicals in everyday household products declared safe for most people can be life threatening. For decades many thousands of victims have been trying to get the truth out about this malady and governments around the world are beginning to recognize that environmental illness is a genuine malady. We have tried to make this residence a safe haven from as many of the toxic properties of modern life as possible. All our communications devices are hard wired. A smart meter installation would be a direct assault on the safety of this home. The number of RF health complaints is rising as smart grid technology invades America. Going off grid is neither practical nor affordable for most people. A local electric utility representative told me that smart meters would only transmit two or three times a day yet they have been monitored elsewhere transmitting thousands of times a day, literally over once a minute. Ironically the health issue could have been avoided by employing wired transmission of data like Italy. I do not need this additional stress and attack upon our well-being but will do everything in my power to protect our home and get the truth out to others. Hopefully you will realize that forcing smart meters upon all users is a serious mistake and will make neccessary changes in your policy to protect the lives of your customers likely to be at risk.


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